VGH Series

Pump Model VGH1 1/4D31-B

VGH1 1/4D31-B Specifications
Suction 51 mm
Discharge 25 mm
Solids Handling 0 mm
Casing Ductile Iron
Impeller Material Cast Iron
Seal Material Silicon Carbide
Flange ASA
Drive Type Basic
Specification Data Sheet
Model Download
VGH1 1/4D31-B
Serial Number Range Download
All serial numbers
1364934 and up
All serial numbers
1211820 and up
Performance Curves
Curve Speed Download
VGH1 1/4D-B-1 1750 - 3600 View Performance Curve
VGH1 1/4D-B-2 3450 View Performance Curve
VGH1 1/4D-B-3 2900 View Performance Curve
VGH1 1/4D-B-4 1750 View Performance Curve
VGH1 1/4D-B-5 2900 View Performance Curve
Outline Drawings
Drawing Download
View Outline Drawing  View Performance Curve
View Outline Drawing  View Performance Curve

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